Chloé Garnier : Screen printing workshop
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Brussels map
Situation plan
Mass plan
Territory section : residential area vs industrial heritage
productive city with public spaces
Surimposition inspiration
CMYK mode as a project basis
Color frame
Surimposition of strates
Ground floor plan
Spatial organisation : Rdc
Roof plan
Atlas of plans
Transversal section : a screen linked with its context
photo insert : between two bridges
The poster as dimension
Perspective section
Exploded axonometry
Exterior perspective : prints as ornament
West elevation : surimposition of prints
East elevation : cmyk color
South elevation : the drying as fresco
North elevation : logistic facade
Detail : the drying rack as the facade
Detail elevation : two types of polychromy
Color and materiality : outside / inside
Interior polychomy :color strips
Interior perspective : design workshop
Interior perspective : technical area
Interior perspective : printing area