Léa Brayer : Environmental interpretive center
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Brussels map
Situation plan
Buildings formerly belonging to the Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery
Mass Plan of the existing
Territory section of the existing
Preserved neoclassical side facade (south)
Preserved neoclassical front facade (east)
Gable walls to modify (north / west)
Section transformation
Plans transformation
New lateral facade (north)
R-2 Project
R-1 Project
RDC Project
R+1 Project
R+2 Project
R+3 Project
View of workspaces (r+2/r+3)
Greenhouse Project
View of the greenhouse
Roof Project
Perspective section
Detail section
Mass plan of the project
Axonometry of pontoons
Global view of the project
Imersive view from the pontoon
Color and materiality