Mamy Andriamamonjy : Wood workshop
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Existing site
Mass plan
Territorial Section
Axonometry - SW
Axonometry - SE
Axonometry - NE
Axonometry - NW
Axonometry - SW
Ground floor plan [Truck]
2nd floor plan [Machine]
3rd floor plan [Robot with human heart]
4th floor plan [Robot with human brain]
Zoom in[+]
Zoom out[-]
5th&6th floor plan [Housing]
Zoom in[+]
Zoom out[-]
7th&8th floor plan [Housing]
Roof plan [Pythagore, Thales, Euclide]
Atlas of plan
Last night, I had a dream about you
In this dream, I'm dancing right beside you
And it looked like everyone was having fun
That kind of feeling, I've waited so long
Don't stop, come a little closer
As we jam, the rhythm gets stronger
There's nothing wrong with just a little, little fun
We were dancing all night long
Ooh, I don't know what to do
About this dream and you
We'll make this dream come true
Why don't you play the game?
Perspective section
Section - Common frame
Section - Egg
West Elevation
West Elevation & Detail
North Elevation
North Elevation & Detail
East Elevation
Machinery place
Coming from the bus stop
Atlas of details
Atlas of pixels
Digital life

Feeling like a stranger

In a country filled of anger

Looking for a bright light

When you’re tired to fight


Is there something Above

We dont want to feel alone

Just be part of the crowd

And feel this digital love


The project aims to provide work and housing to refugees and to make possible social reintegration. Refugees would work with locals in a wood workshop. The little factory is situated in Psyri area around the place Koumoundourou. Bus stop is near making commuting easy all around the city.

The composition is held by a regulating layout with identifiable elements of Euclidian geometry : line, circle, and rectangle. Different forms are held together with an unchangeable link. Relationships with the surrounding and the pathing of the truck define the ground floor.

Wood arrive in the building from one side and furniture comes out from another.  The entire process is done upstairs. The entire machinery in the second floor is used by the factory and by the housing.

It is true that the condition of production of architecture, the economic condition and very sensible political condition in which the project take place make the possibility of the construction nearly impossible. That is why it is built with cheap material like plywood and scrap wood.


I do measure the very hard feeling of being a refugee, of being a stranger, of the weight of leaving your own country … maybe pursuing a better life elsewhere but then get the very dark flip side of seeing your family only through the screen of your smartphone or your computer … aren’t we living a digital life?


According to John Cage, “an experimental action” is one “the outcome of which is not foreseen.” Titling this course Architecture & Experience celebrates on the one hand its attachment to the question of high architecture as a discipline forged in historical and theoretical projects and, on the other, the experimental nature of an explorative approach that has been an operative concept of said discipline ever since the Renaissance – explorative, but still grounded in concrete reality.

Theory, by identifying the working principles defining architectonic forms along time, makes possible every kind of parallel while transforming every sort of question into potential architectural problematics. This is our main field of exploration.

Theory allows us to write the narrative that defines the rules of the project on the one hand and give it a mean on the other hand. Reason helps us to imagine narratives that, considering the rules of nature and reality, allow us to justify from a rational point of view disposals that would be irrational in a different conceptual context. Thus we can succeed in building dreams from the ordinary condition.

Athens is a condensator of the most glorious Antique European architecture and of the almost non planned urban forms of today that makes of it a laboratory for exploring the contemporary status of architecture and city. As usual, students have not traveled to Athens, to work more from the imaginary of the city than from its reality.